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Company History:

    Ambrioso, Prado & Associates was started in Havana, Cuba in the year 1958 as Ambrioso Prado & Associates to provide consulting services to the industrial and environmental sectors. During the 1960's the principals of the company moved to Florida due to Castro's revolution. The company was revived as a Florida corporation on the 26th. of July 1978 in Lakeland, Florida. Since many of the company's founders had worked in the nickel industry in Cuba, nickel and metallurgy were initial areas of
expertise of the company. However due to the company's location in central Florida which is home to the largest concentration of phosphate mines and fertilizer plants in the world, phosphate quickly became a major area of business. 

    Later, when Tino Prado joined the company in 1985 his expertise in forest products and synthetic fuels were added to the company's repertoire. Today Prado & Associates and its subsidiary Prado Technology Corp. are internationally recognized in the areas of hydrometallurgy, phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid, pine chemicals such as tall oil, rosin and turpentine, biofuels and specialty chemicals.

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