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Mission Statement:

Prado & Associates a Florida company now in its 36th year of operations and dedicated to providing consulting engineering services to the world's chemical industry, wishes to issue a Mission Statement as follows:

We have a responsibility to our clients to provide them with quality engineering, to offer the best and most advanced technology possible, to promote new and better technologies, to act ethically and with due diligence in a cost effective manner, and to protect their lawful interests.

We also have a responsibility to society in general to offer our knowledge for the advancement of public welfare, to combat hunger, to advocate human rights, to promote domestic and world peace, and to improve the quality of the environment in which we all live. To that effect we will not knowingly engage in any projects involving wanton contamination of the environment, violation of safety guidelines, or the manufacture of weapons, among others. We also will aim for the development and application of "green" technologies such as the total recycling of wastes. Our involvement with the forest products industry will be aimed at furthering the concept of sustainable biomass and preventing the deforestation of tropical forests.

Finally, we have an obligation to provide our employees with a safe, challenging, rewarding, profitable and exciting work environment. Furthermore, we will strive to promote our employees' intellectual development and their mental and physical fitness. In exchange, we will demand, as a condition of employment, total dedication and loyalty to the company and support of our Mission Statement.

The above philosophy closely follows the current ideal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers: "Chemical Engineers serving the world".


Dr. F. G. Prado , Founder, Former President

F. L. Prado, P.E. , President

Patricia Baker Prado, Director of Administration

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